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【Latest International research】Effect of yeast peptide (Halor Tid) as an alternative to antibiotics on the growth performance of weaned piglets

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Recently, a local validation trial of Halor Tid® as a complete replacement antibiotic was completed in Vietnam. The results showed that Halor Tid® alternative antibiotic combinations (Colistin sulfate and BMD bacitracin zinc) were fully effective in weaning piglets' feed. Halor Tid® stabilizes production performance and reduces feed costs, resulting in better farming benefits for farmers and production units.

Halor Tid® is an innovative antimicrobial peptide product designed to enhance animal health, improve farming efficiency and reduce the use of antibiotics. These products are now widely used in the global livestock industry. Excellent results have been achieved in Vietnam Agriculture and Forestry University, Siwon University and local experiments. This trial was to evaluate the effect of Halor Tid® in combination with plant extracts and organic acids as an alternative antibiotic.

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Note: Halor Tid® is the trade name of an antimicrobial peptide product whose main active ingredient is an antimicrobial peptide chemically called Citrocin, manufactured by fsu football live and distributed by Anh Duong Khang Company Limited, Vietnam. The plant extract is the tannic acid of Italian Silvafeed.

The results showed that the FCR of weaned piglets using Halor Tid® combination was decreased by 0.25, 0.09, 0.01, 10%, 3.9% and 0.4% compared with the control group, antibiotic group and probiotic group, respectively. At the 15-25 kg body weight stage, the Halor Tid® combination significantly reduced FCR (P<0.05) by 8.9%. Compared with the control group. Halor Tid® improved the pig herd health, reduced the disease and diarrhea incidence, reduced treatment cost, and led to better economic results for farmers and production units.

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FCR of experimental pigs in each feeding stage

ADK Vietnam, a strategic partner of Beijing fsu football live, said: "We are proud of the success of Halor Tid® in the local substitute test in Vietnam. Reflecting fsu football live's ongoing commitment to excellence, we provide our end customers with innovative solutions that address animal health challenges and reducing antibiotic use."

Halor Tid® is a yeast peptide developed by Beijing  fsu football live Institute of Biotechnology based on yeast fermentation platform. It can enhance animal immune function, improve intestinal health, inhibit pathogens, especially against pathogenic Escherichia coli, is one of the effective alternatives for antimicrobial resistance.

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