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Halor C


Halor® C, coated Vitamin C, which is to stabilize crystal Vitamin C by coating process, achieves perfect coating, ideal post-processing retention and excellent bioavailability, and shows significant advantages over the ordinary Vitamin C.

Product Specification

· Appearance: White granule

· Taste: Light sour

· Molecular formula: C6H8O6

· Vitamin C:≥90% or 97%

· Particle size: 20-100 meshes≥90%

· Loss on drying:≤1%

· Pb:≤10ppm

· As:≤2ppm

Two special features

·  High stability

      Halor C achieves perfect coating by using special coating material, its stability is about twice of ordinary Vitamin C.

·  Effective digestion

      The solution is stable in external environment and easy to be digested in alimentary canalby using special coating material.

      The entire release period of Halor C is about 30 minutes in the alimentary canal of animals.

Recommended Dosage

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Shelf life

24 months in sealed condition


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